John Barben

We feel like The Tree Defender is going to help protect our young trees from psyllids. Chemical treatments aren’t a 100% sure thing to keep trees from greening, and so far, Tree Defenders are proving to be a much more effective way to make sure our trees stay healthy and free from greening.

Barben Fruit Company

Charles Counter

With only nine months’ experience with The Tree Defender, I can say that we have already experienced twice the amount of growth and much better leaf color as compared to the unprotected trees planted the same day. They look very promising so far.

Counter Ag Services

Allison Drown

I am new to using The Tree Defender, installing them on some of my resets planted right out of the nursery. My interest in using The Tree Defender is to study the economic benefit of potentially keeping my trees psyllid-free and canker-free while reducing the cost and frequency of chemical applications. The ability for The Tree Defender to lower my chemical costs will provide a great long-term economic and environmental impact advantage.


Ansel Buhrman

The Tree Defender is fantastic. We have used The Tree Defender for two years now, and our trees are able to grow without any disease. There’s no comparison when it comes to trees we’ve seen using The Tree Defender to trees that aren’t. The Tree Defender trees are larger and deeper green and 2x bigger when compared side-to-side. The Tree Defender is worth every penny.

Bryan Groves

James Shinn

One of the best qualities of The Tree Defender is its versatility. It protects our trees from greening and psyllids, keeps deer from eating our leaves, provides UV protection to the leaves, and we can use the bags for multiple years on multiple trees. They pay for themselves after the first two years.

Shinn Groves

Ed Dickenson

Working for Alltech Crop Science, we began an experiment a little over two years ago to study citrus greening. We chose to use The Tree Defender to protect the trees we were studying in order to continue our experiment. When the hurricane hit last year, we did not lose a single tree being protected by The Tree Defender, which not only saved us money but saved the entire experiment and kept us from having to start over. Had we used a screen house, our trees and experiment would have been destroyed. I use The Tree Defender for my personal grove as well and am pleased with their ability to protect my trees.

Alltech Crop Science

Bobby Krause

The Tree Defender provides effective protection against heavy deer pressure. Resets have grown well inside the bags and the Tree Defenders have proven durable enough to reuse.

Krause Groves

James Graham

Delaying the infection risk immediately increases the tree’s ability to produce fruit during the early years as opposed to trees getting infected before they reach the full production stage.

University of Florida Citrus Research and Education Center

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