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Tommy is a second-generation Florida citrus grower and nurseryman. He has a passion for the citrus industry and is committed to the continuation of his agricultural roots even though it has been a difficult past couple of years. Scotty is a third-generation citrus grower who also comes with deep roots in the industry and a passion for new innovations that could make a positive contribution back to an industry that has been such a big part of his life

Tommy Thayer, Jr. & Scott Thompson
Tommy Thayer, Jr. & Scott Thompson


Other crops such as cannabis, coffee, tomatoes, peppers, avocados, pears, blueberries, grapes and many others can benefit from using Tree Defender.

This has never been more evident than what is currently taking place in the ongoing battle against citrus greening. Growers today are having to use more and more pesticides and fertilizers in an attempt to just keep their groves alive, and this method appears to be failing. Just as with any abuse or chemical dependency where the addict has to use more and more just to obtain the same result, the party eventually comes to an end. There appears to be a movement of enlightened growers in the industry today that are coming to the realization that by continuing down this path, “The juice just isn’t worth the squeeze”. This is where The Tree Defender enters the picture.

The use of different methods of screen to protect plants is not a new concept. However, it has never been practical enough, durable enough, or economical enough for the citrus grower until now. Created by growers for growers, the innovative design of The Tree Defender successfully overcomes all three of these challenges. Just as you would not want to send a child out into the world to face life’s challenges poorly clothed, sick, and malnourished, why would you compromise your investment and start your new planting in this manner?

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Solution for Citrus Greening

While long-term solutions aren’t yet on the horizon, the Tree Defender provides an immediate solution to citrus greening by preventing psyllids from infecting citrus trees as they are maturing. Having been in the field now for over three years, Tree Defender can still confidently say that no psyllid has yet to be found on any tree being covered by their screens.

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Growers gaining a new edge to fight greening using Tree Defender

“I am new to using The Tree Defender, installing them on some of my resets planted right out of the nursery. My interest for using The Tree Defender is to study the economic benefit of potentially keeping my trees psyllid and canker-free while reducing the cost and frequency of chemical applications. The ability for Tree Defender to lower my chemical costs will provide a great long-term economic and environmental impact advantage.”


“Working for Alltech Crop Science, we began an experi­ment a little over two years ago to study citrus greening. We chose to use Tree Defender to protect the trees we were studying in order to continue our experiment. When the hurricane hit last year, we did not lose a single tree being protected by Tree Defender, which not only saved us money, but saved the entire experiment and kept us from having to start over. Had we used a screen house, our trees and experiment would have been destroyed. I use Tree Defender for my personal grove as well and am pleased with their ability to protect my trees.”

ED DICKENSON, Al/tech Crop Science

“The Tree Defender is fantastic. We have used Tree defender for two years now and our trees are able to grow without any disease. There’s no comparison when it comes to trees we’ve seen using Tree Defender to trees that aren’t. Tree Defender trees are larger and deeper green and 2x bigger when compared side-to-side. Tree Defender is worth every penny.”


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