About Us

What we are all about...

Tree Defender, LLC, was formed by Scotty Thompson & Thomas A. Thayer Jr. They are both multiple-generation citrus growers from Polk County. After HLB hit the industry hard several years ago, they wanted to come up with a simple solution to help fellow growers fight citrus greening. They invented The Tree Defender, which is an individual protective cover also known as an IPC, that protects the tree from HLB. The cover is made out of a breathable mesh screen product that can be left on all year round. We have had great success with it here in Florida.
We have been utilizing The Tree Defender for over 8 years now with 1 million + in commercial citrus groves. No single psyllid has ever been found inside our Tree Defenders. We are 4 years in on validation trials underway with Dr. Fernando Alferez of the University of Florida CREC in Immokalee to validate the data that we have been seeing in our commercial groves.