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Science & Technology

Protecting Our Brand

The success of The Tree Defender and its technology have become a great asset for citrus growers to fight greening and other various diseases. With this success comes knockoff covers and other similar products promising the same results. As a grower, be sure to do your research. Some of these products have been found not using UV inhibitors in their mesh, along with being made with lower quality stitching, causing the bags to rip apart during inclement weather. With The Tree Defender, integrity and quality come first, that is why all of our products are validated through multiple university trials, and not a single HLB-infected tree has been found in one of our protective covers in over 6 years.

The Tree Defender Has Many Uses

Other crops such as cannabis, coffee, tomatoes, peppers, avocados, pears, blueberries, grapes, and many others can benefit from using The Tree Defender.

This has never been more evident than in the ongoing battle against citrus greening. Growers today are having to use more and more pesticides and fertilizers in an attempt to just keep their groves alive, and this method appears to be failing. Just as with any abuse or chemical dependency where the addict has to use more and more just to obtain the same result, the party eventually comes to an end. There appears to be a movement of enlightened growers in the industry today that are coming to the realization that by continuing down this path, “The juice just isn’t worth the squeeze”. This is where The Tree Defender enters the picture.

The use of different methods of screening to protect plants is not a new concept. However, it has never been practical enough, durable enough, or economical enough for the citrus grower until now. Created by growers for growers, the innovative design of The Tree Defender successfully overcomes all three of these challenges. Just as you would not want to send a child out into the world to face life’s challenges poorly clothed, sick, and malnourished, why would you compromise your investment and start your new planting in this manner?

Solution for Citrus Greening

While long-term solutions aren’t yet on the horizon, The Tree Defender provides an immediate solution to citrus greening by preventing psyllids from infecting citrus trees as they are maturing. Having been in the field now for over four years, The Tree Defender can still confidently say that no psyllid has yet to be found on any tree being covered by their screens. The goal is to use The Tree Defender to protect young trees from psyllids and greening during their first two years as they are in a vegetative and growing state.. After those two years, the bag is removed, and the trees are healthy, greening-free, and ready to start producing fruit and crops immediately. Maintenance sprays are still recommended for greasy spot, mites and a nutritional. If the grower wishes to continue protecting the tree into the mature years, then they simply purchase a larger Tree Defender.