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Got Psyllids?
Protect Your Future

Our mission is to protect trees from the effects of insects, frost, wind, hail and many other harmful elements during the first part of a tree’s life.

Are your resets getting lost or forgotten? Put them to bed for up to 2 years psyllid-free with The Tree Defender! Our Tree Defenders can repel most insects including psyllids, mealy bugs, white flies, caterpillars, leaf miners, aphids, grasshoppers, Diaprepes and more…

” The longer a newly planted tree can remain HLB-free, the better the chances are that the tree will make it to bearing age and begin to provide income for the grower. “

– University of Florida Extension

” I have had The Tree Defenders on some of my resets for about a year now. They definitely are not slowing the tree down. They are perfect for scattered resets. “

– Jamie Shinn, Grower

These are just a few of the advantages that using The Tree Defender can have for your trees.