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2018 Florida Citrus Update
Florida Citrus Growers Fighting Greening

Citrus Industry News
Tree Defender Stops Psyllids

Citrus Industry News
Individual Tree Covers for HLB Defense

ABC Action News
Polk Citrus Growers Invent Design to Protect Orange Trees

Griffin Fertilizer
Tree Defender Offers Protection for Young Citrus from Citrus Greening

Growing Produce
Tree Cover Product Created to Help Fight Citrus Scourges

PR Newswire
Tree Defender Proves to be a Highly Effective and Profitable Weapon Against Citrus Greening

Central Florida Ag News
The Best Defense is a Good Offense – with The Tree Defender

The Tree Defender – Solution for Citrus Greening

The Packer
Sunshine State Nursery Introduces Protection System for Citrus Trees{%22issue_id%22:321683,%22view%22:%22articleBrowser%22,%22article_id%22:%222535328%22}

Grove Owners Have A Lot to Mull Over When Considering Citrus Reset