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asian citrus psyllid prevention product creators Thayer and Thompson

The Tree Defender was created by Thomas Thayer Jr. and Scott Thompson. Tommy and Scotty both have a long family history in the citrus industry.

Tommy is a second-generation Florida citrus grower and nurseryman. He has a passion for the citrus industry and is committed to the continuation of his agricultural roots even though it has been a difficult past couple of years. Scotty is a third-generation citrus grower who also comes with deep roots in the industry and a passion for new innovations that could make a positive contribution back to an industry that has been such a big part of his life.

The crippling effects of the citrus greening disease have had a major impact on their groves along with the rest of growers in the state of Florida these last few years. Despite the millions of dollars that are being spent on research and hundreds of scientists working at a frenzied pace, no cure or prevention has yet been developed for this crippling disease. With no cure on the horizon, Tommy Thayer and Scotty Thompson, his partner in The Tree Defender venture, have been developing a product over the last few years that they believe could possibly save the citrus trees.

A few years ago, Scotty designed a rudimentary screening that would cover a citrus tree. His idea was to protect the tree with a screen surround to keep the harmful pests and other diseases from attacking and damaging the tree. After testing the product on a fellow grower’s row of reset trees, he saw larger leaf size, more growth and new flush on the tree with The Tree Defender than on ones without it. During this time, Scotty partnered with Tommy and The Tree Defender was born.

They are proud that The Tree Defender is developed by growers for growers to be both functional and an economical weapon in today’s citrus grower’s arsenal.